Welcome to Huskydog, a company formed and run by my brother Charles and myself, Robert Cahill.  Our focus is Canada’s North.  Our company offers three types of services:  educational presentation, arctic adventure packages, and a construction and heavy equipment company.  

I spend a portion of January-May touring Canada and the U.S. making presentations on life in the Canadian Arctic, talking about climate change and its impact on the North, and offering hands on soapstone carving workshops.  Over the last ten years I have made thousands of presentations and in the process have spoken to hundreds of thousands of students!  These sessions have proven so popular that in some years I have had to turn down offers to speak.  I have been told on numerous occasions that I connect with students and have a natural way of holding their attention.

I am prepared to present to any grade, K-12.  From experience I’ve found that groups of 2-3 classes work best (50-75 students), but I am prepared to present to as many as 100 students at a time. To cover my costs—I pay for my own transportation, accommodations, meals, and miscellaneous expenses—I would like to make three presentations per day.  Presentation descriptions and contact information are noted in the links above.


Our second focus is arctic adventure activities/eco tours including:  sports fishing, dogsledding and igloo building, camping and bird watching, and historical tours of the Arctic.  Descriptions of the adventure packages and contact information are noted in the link above.

We also run a construction and heavy equipment business based in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut.  Detailed information on the company’s equipment and rates is noted in the link above.


Canada’s North

Igloo building ... part of one of our arctic adventure/eco tour packages.